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York lied, but now he's "our" liar...

There was an email this morning from Mike Chapman notifying that tonight’s hastily-called “debate” interfered with one of his previous commitments so he could not make it.

Now the following from Scott York:

Posted on July 7, 2011 by Scott York

As planned for many weeks, Scott York will participate and speak at a fundraiser for Republican Board of Supervisors candidate Ken Reid on the evening of July 7 in Leesburg. Reid and York announced their formal support for each other’s nominations last month. This event is one of the final opportunities for both campaigns to solicit delegates for the upcoming Loudoun County Republican Convention. The deadline to file as a Delegate is Sunday afternoon, July 10.

Recently, the 10th District Republican Committee announced a debate on the same evening for candidates in the contested races for Chairman and Sheriff in Loudoun County. Scott York was invited and would enjoy another debate with his opponent, Steve Stockman.

This debate could’ve provided such an opportunity, but Scott has declined to participate and notified 10th District Chairman, Howie Lind, several days ago. The reasons are simple:

(1) the York campaign already has an important event scheduled with prospective delegates on the same evening, and no desire to cut short Scott’s participation to rush to a debate that was scheduled with knowledge of the Reid-York event; and
(2) the York campaign’s focus this week is on recruitment of delegates to the Republican Convention prior to the deadline this Sunday.

We are unsure why the event is continuing to be advertised after we declined to participate.

Instead, please come join us in supporting Ken Reid (flyer here) and Scott York by attending the fundraiser and signing up as a delegate. For more information go to or contact the campaign at 571.934.6144.

So the two people who are certainly the front runners won’t be there and this event is still being advertised as a “debate”? It takes logistical skills to put such an event together, especially within less than 3 weeks of the vote, and whoever is driving this bus clearly does not know what they are doing. You can’t just decide “hey, let’s have a debate” and expect everyone to clear their schedules the following week.

If you were planning to drive to Leesburg tonight, don’t bother.

Sometimes, going through stacks of mail, you pause and laugh for a minute straight. Scott York’s first truly “comparative” political flyer was the occasion for me and, I am sure, many of you.

Steve Stockman, York’s challenger, began the “negative” campaigning with a letter in mid-June in which he accused York of being responsible for Loudoun County’s 40% tax rate increase since 1990 and of supporting Democratic candidates. The latter charge was certainly true, the former a bit of a stretch. Stockman also warned against York’s “liberal pals” who would be supporting York at the upcoming Republican convention.

As one of York’s liberal pals, I was hurt by being unmasked in this way. But the pain wore off when I saw this. Steve Stockman has not been in public office since 1991: Now how would one best illustrate the implications of this absence?

Scott York Campaign Flyer

Scott York poses Steve Stockman as Rip Van Winkle

One must say, first, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Then, we must note that not only do Scott York and his campaign personnel deserve congratulations, but Steve Stockman and Steve Stockman’s family must admit that this is one of the most effective political pieces ever created.

Scott York pledged to run a 100% positive campaign as long as the opposition did the same. Then, Steve Stockman did as he probably needed to do which was to go on the attack. The lesson? You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

Anyone who has talked to Steve Stockman about what he would do as supervisor will immediately recognize that Scott York’s flyer is a devastating, brilliant single-photo summation of the Republican nomination decision.

Apart from its humorous depiction of a basic fact, the Scott York flyer is effective because it states the unavoidable truth that Steve Stockman does not really have much to say about how to fix our county’s problems. Stockman has now mailed out at least four double-sided sheets of paper with a whole lot of words recalling the Reagan era – and exactly zero reasons to vote for him. Unless you believe Scott York is a liberal, and his many supporters (such as myself) are his “liberal pals,” the Stockman campaign literature might as well have come from Rip Van Winkle.

[UPDATE - Video just updated, new link]

Suzanne Volpe, Republican candidate for Algonkian District Supervisor, held her campaign kickoff event on May 12, 2011 with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as the featured speaker. AG Cuccinelli noted that Ms. Volpe’s was the only local campaign he had personally made an appearance at this year, thanking her for the work she has done for numerous candidates over the years and saying “I hope you think you are getting a good return on your investment” for all of work she has done for him. He gave an informative progress report on his various efforts to curtail the encroachments on liberty by the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress (this will be a separate video, I hope one day soon).

With a crowd of at least 150 people on hand and possibly many more – the property was segmented so there was no way you could count everyone from one spot (someone from the campaign can chime in in the comments and I will update the number) – Ms. Volpe pointed out the problems caused by the county’s poor business development policies, with results such as Northrup Grumman’s decision to locate across the border to Fairfax County, and the resulting tax pressure this is putting on residents. She spoke of some of the county’s egregious misuses of taxpayers’ money and her personal philosophy of government that it should be less intrusive and more responsive to the citizens.

Video is at the top of the post, or click here to watch. There are only a few photos because this was the final event affected by camera problems and I lost over 40 pictures (hover cursor for a partial listing of who is in each and click on each for a larger version) – but as far as I could tell every local Republican elected official and candidate was present. It was a massive crowd for a local campaign kickoff, with excellent speeches by our attorney general and by Ms. Volpe- and truly an honor to have Ken Cuccinelli in a local backyard giving an up to the minute report on the battle against the Democrat power grab.

As you can see from the video, if determination, clarity of vision and ability to articulate that vision count in the upcoming campaign, Ms. Volpe is going to be tough to beat for the Algonkian Supervisor position.

For information on how you can help the Volpe campaign, click here.

Suzanne Volpe, Ken Cuccinelli, Eugene Delgaudio, Scott York, John Stirrup

Large audience at Suzanne Volpe campaign kick off

Mike Chapman at Suzanne Volpe campaign kick off

Cathy McNickle, Rob Jesionowski, Linda Budzinski, Eugene Delgaudio

Fred Avila and Joe - there is a hidden message here

Shawn Williams, Republican candidate for Broad Run Supervisor of Loudoun County, held his campaign kick off on May 6, 2011. There were at least 85 people in attendance, including a large number of elected officials and candidates for office. Shawn was introduced by Dick Black, Scott York and Gary Clemens.

Click here for Shawn’s campaign Web site with information on how you can help him become the next Broad Run Supervisor.

Below is the video of a portion of Shawn’s outstanding speech, or click here to watch. (Unfortunately my camera’s SD card got fried and I lost a ton of photos, including all from this night. Someone needs to take Wolverine’s very sage advice and start paying me so I can upgrade my equipment).

Geary Higgins, Republican candidate for Catoctin District supervisor, held his campaign kick-off at The Beautiful South restaurant in Hamilton, Virginia a couple weeks back, with about 110 supporters in attendance – a phenomenal turnout with numerous elected officials and candidates in the audience. He stressed the importance of fixing the out-of-control Loudoun County budget, specifically by making the county more business-friendly in order to increase the tax base and reining in school spending.

Click here for more information on Geary Higgins and how you can help the campaign.

You can hover your cursor over the photos for a partial listing of who is in each, and click on each picture for a larger version. Below is the video of his speech (or click here to watch).

Gail Higgins and Roger Zurn in crowd at Geary Higgins campaign event

Geary Higgins with Grandson Noah

Mike Chapman and Bob Wertz in crowd at Geary Higgins campaign event

Dean Settle and Verne Dickerson at Geary Higgins campaign event

Callie Chaplow and Shawn Williams at Geary Higgins campaign event

Randy Minchew and Joe May at Geary Higgins campaign event

Patricia Phillips and Gail Hunt at Geary Higgins campaign event

Crowd at Geary Higgins campaign event

Maureen Whalen, Robert Bruton, Mike Chapman and Dan Whalen at Geary Higgins campaign event

Sharon Schmidt, Dean Settle, Bob Wertz and Dave Schmidt at Geary Higgins campaign event

Janet Clarke and Geary Higgins

Gary Clemens and Verne Dickerson at Geary Higgins campaign event

Matt Letourneau, Joe Budzinski and Gary Clemens at Geary Higgins campaign event

Scott York at Geary Higgins campaign event

At his April 13 campaign event near Leesburg, Mike Chapman, candidate for the Republican nomination for Loudoun County Sheriff in the November, 2011 elections, said that part of his leadership philosophy is “never ask anyone to do anything you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself.”

Host Patrick Stethem with Mike Chapman at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event

Asa Hutchinson and Mike Chapman at Chapman for Sheriff Campaign event

(Click here to see the complete photo gallery — thanks to Randy Sayles for some of these shots).

More than 70 local residents, including several elected officials and Republican candidates for office, attended through the course of the 2 1/2 hour fundraising event.

Guest speaker Asa Hutchinson, a former Congressman and DEA Administrator, said that he personally witnessed Mr. Chapman’s work “in the crucible, and I can’t imagine anyone could exceed his experience in law enforcement.”

Mr. Chapman said “In 32 years I have enforced statutes at all levels, from local to federal.”

As the only one of the three Republican Sheriff candidates who has worked in law enforcement during the past decade, Mr. Chapman stated that the changes of the past ten years – with increases in terrorism, drugs, gang activity and other crimes – require a Sheriff knowledgeable in the latest law enforcement methods and technology.

For more information on the Mike Chapman campaign, click here to visit his Web site.

You can hover your cursor over the pictures to see a partial listing of who is in each, and click on each for a larger version.

Guest speaker Asa Hutchinson at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event

Doug Satterwhite and Tag Greason at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event

Charles Cooper and Ed Levine at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event

Janet Clarke and Gary Clemens at Chapman for Sheriff campaign event
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