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At the Ronald Reagan Lecture Series meeting on February 6, 2012, in Sterling, Virginia, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli explains the commonwealth’s lawsuit against the federal government challenging the individual mandate of the Democrat health care legislation.

To understand the role the gay/LGBT ideologues play among liberal activists requires only three words: “Abigail Williams Syndrome” (with a hat tip to Arthur Miller).

In the following video, Winona Ryder portrays David or Jonathan Weintraub – take your pick; the group of cowed, compliant girls are liberal activists; and the judge is, well, you.

Get the full force of the metaphor – by all means watch the entire movie.

In compiling a wrap-up of all the anger and misinformation that outsiders brought into the Sterling community during the campaign season (and continuing right into election day), I found the witch hunt against Eugene Delgaudio stood out as Exhibit A.

The gay/LGBT “pink piper” ideologues have successfully convinced most liberals that anyone disagreeing with a gay fatwa is evil, hateful, and inciting others to violence.

The phenomenon was brought vividly into focus for me after the election during this attempt at across-the-aisle conversation. If you were to read all the comments – which I would not presume to recommend, but go ahead if you have the time – what you would find is that local liberals cannot even engage in open discussion when the subject is someone under accusation (particularly when Abigail herself is in the vicinity).

I wander over to that blog once in a while, and nearly every time I am subjected to interrogation regarding Eugene Delgaudio. And as you can see, regardless of what I say, the only acceptable response I could give would be to pronounce Eugene evil, to join the witch hunt – to fall in with the choir of shivering girls.

How has the local “Abigail Williams” faction gained such an opinion-forming role in the political community?

This is just a theory, and not just about Loudoun County but the country as a whole, so it may be overly general, but I think it gets close to the truth:

I think the gay spokespeople have stepped in to fill a void in the liberal value structure, and conservatives have been caught so flat-footed by the challenge from “left field” that to a large extent they have not yet put it into perspective nor fashioned a forceful response.

With the dismaying conclusions of the Clinton and Bush presidencies for liberals and conservatives, respectively; the unresolved natures of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; the extended financial crisis; the continuing disappearance of any articulated moral consensus in popular culture (including within the religious communities); and the crushing reality of a disappointing Obama presidency – “liberalism” and “conservatism” are now being redefined, as we speak, both in terms of philosophy and public policy.

Amidst this period of redefinition – this fluid landscape – there has blossomed a moment of influence for progressive sexual ideologues.

And why not? They are one of very few players in that space right now.

“Family values” is but a hoary remnant of political-sloganeering days gone by; abortion (for or against) is hardly a front-burner issue. About the only … well that may be an exaggeration, but certainly among the most ubiquitous and consistent statements regarding sexual morality and sexual matters in general are coming from the gay community. They’ve got a core set of issues which they continue to talk about, and whether you agree or disagree you must acknowledge they are focused, persistent and effective in the court of public opinion.

And they’ve done a very good job during a period of fading moral consensus of claiming, for a time, the high ground.

Make no mistake, they have not taken that ground by persuasion nor consensus of the majority population. They have commandeered a perch of moral superiority through scorched earth tactics and a flamethrower ready for any voice of opposition.

Opponents of the gay agenda are only of two types, according to the progressive ideologists:

Either they are quietly uneducated or ignorant, which means they simply have not yet learned to vote correctly.

Or, they are loud and influential – which means under fatwa; evil, hateful, inciting violence; walkers with the Devil …


We all know which category Mr. Delgaudio has gotten himself into.

Like Abigail, convinced of the sanctity of their own personal agenda, the gay ideologues allow no opposition – for opposition is of the Devil – and they also allow no wavering among supporters nor those erstwhile on the sidelines. Anyone and everyone within earshot must join the choir of accusers, must agree that the accused is wholly and truly a witch who must recant or be hanged – and all who do not join in the accusation are immediately charged as witches themselves.

The insanity and hysteria was over in Salem, Massachusetts by 1700. Perhaps on November 8, 2011, the citizens of Sterling, Virginia finally signaled an end to the Loudoun County witch hunt.

UPDATE: As Wolverine just summed it up: “You either bend a knee to the resident judge of all moral standards, swear to reform yourself, and condemn Eugene Delgaudio to perdition or you are labeled permanently as immoral.”

At Santini’s in Sterling this summer, George Allen summed up what has made Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio such an asset to the Sterling community for the past 12 years.

Former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen’s statement of endorsement for Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio:

What we can show here with Eugene Delgaudio is a person who is applying those common sense conservative principles.

Those foundational values. That philosophy of trusting free people and free enterprise.

Here at a local level he is taking care of what people care about.

He cares about transportation. That’s a kitchen table issue for any one of us in the region.

He cares about safe communities – to make sure our children are safe. He has been a leader in that.

Eugene cares about accountability in the schools: not just how much is being spent, but also making sure young people are being taught how to read and write and speak the English language and higher levels of math and science and history.

Eugene has been a firebrand for our principles.

Eugene has been a firebrand – though with results.

You see it here in Sterling District. He has also been one who has survived a lot of different waves

(Eugene is) one who keeps winning

With Eugene Delgaudio you have someone who is a proven leader.

A person who you know where his principles are and you know what his philosophy is and you have seen his votes.

He got involved fighting the meals tax long ago. I worked against meals taxes too. I have fought the meals tax.

Eugene Delgaudio has been that person, a leader who has been the taxpayers friend.

Thank you for supporting Eugene. He’s a great guy and a great worker.

The color orange, for the campaign color, shows a fighting spirit.

George Allen endorses Eugene Delgaudio

A candid conversation: Meet the real Eugene Delgaudio

[Click here, or the "continue reading" link at bottom, to read the entire interview.]

Chronologically, the following narrative begins in the late 1960s, with a then-14 year old Eugene Delgaudio clinging to a tree in New York’s Central Park, shouting “THERE go the right-wing fascists!” and pointing into the distance as a mob of 5000 leftists and hippies charges past him, when all along – as he now relates – he was the right wing fascist, who had trespassed into their rally to burn an effigy of Ho Chi Minh.

To speak with Eugene Delgaudio about issues of the day is to unfold a panoramic timeline, because this is a man steeped in the history of politics and ideas. Ask him about something that happened last week or last year and the reference points might include Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan – or other figures from the past too numerous to mention – just as likely as Herman Cain or Sarah Palin.

He brings the past into the present because there is a consistency between what he believes, where he learned it, and what he does today. He hails from the time before principles became archaisms. And more than that, he recalls it all from the perspective of one who was there.

Eugene Delgaudio was Free Republic before there was a Free Republic; he was Tea Party long before there was a Tea Party. And as I learned in the interview, he might’ve been Capitol Steps before there was a Capitol Steps.

The reason for this interview is to give a glimpse of the authentic Eugene Delgaudio, and as you’ve probably gathered by now, it is not a “hard-hitting” interview per se. That wasn’t the point. But even if you are not currently a Delgaudio fan, stick with me for a second and you might see some value in what follows.

You are never going to get any public figure – Supervisor Delgaudio included – to really open up in the context of a hostile cross examination. That’s obvious. What is unique about Eugene Delgaudio, however, is that he really is much more honest than most public figures (this has raised controversy at times … but nothing the supervisor has ever shrank away from, either).

Even the most rabid anti-Delgaudio people must admit two things:

  • Eugene Delgaudio works very hard, and
  • Eugene Delgaudio does not self-censor as proficiently as some

He is not hard-wired to put on airs.

Consequently, once you get him talking, you really can get quite an unvarnished view of Eugene Delgaudio. That’s what I wanted to accomplish because, having known the man for a number of years, the real Eugene Delgaudio is not whom his opponents usually attack – and that fact is very revealing about them.

If you want to criticize Eugene Delgaudio for his conservative beliefs, well have at it. Liberals won’t care for his votes in office, and liberal voters may vote against him. But for anyone who wants to know about how he does his job, why he does what he does and says what he says, for good or ill, you will certainly find that out in what follows. For any opponents who think voters should get to know him better, be careful what you wish for, because love him or hate him Eugene Delgaudio is the real deal.

This year, Supervisor Delgaudio is facing a full-court press from the usual coterie of local antagonists, but now with significant help from outside money and union workers imported to carry the water for a candidate who actually is a union employee, a writer for the far-left Daily Kos site and recent arrival in Sterling – one of Eugene’s two opponents. The other rival for the office is a lifelong Sterling resident who is also very, very far to the left ideologically.

So there is no pretense this year of even putting up a moderate candidate to oppose Eugene Delgaudio in 2011. What his opponents are thinking, who knows? But the following is provided so that supporters, undecideds and even current critics can learn who he is, and decide for themselves whether he should continue to represent Sterling.

NOTE: This interview is long, so the following hyperlinks are provided to make for easier navigation by subject matter. I edited – believe it or not – for length, because there was even more history from the supervisor’s past and more philosophical explanation than is already presented. But for the most part what you read – what follows – is our conversation.

Quick Links To Article Sections

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Retail politics in a diverse community, and righting a wrong in college

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Can you be both tough on crime, and a friend to the entire community?

“I come in peace; do you come in peace?”

The man who came to Sterling, and the Meatball Rebellion

Enemy of the libraries?

Supervisor, defined

The hardest-working supervisor in the county

“It is very, extremely annoying to be me”

Ego, money, and accessibility

Humor as an art form

John Grigsby and the Bork battle

To those who say you’re a clown

continue reading…

Handed out some campaign literature at the Sterling Middle School Back to School night recently, and look who showed up:

Al Nevarez and Eugene Delgaudio

Al Nevarez and Eugene Delgaudio

I’d never met Mr. Nevarez before. He turned out to be a jovial sort, a nice guy, really. He had a small cadre of very enthusiastic supporters on hand giving out some literature of their own. There was even one fellow who’d come all the way from his home in the Midwest, “just outside of O’Hare Airport,” I believe he said.

Al's supporter's car ... check out the plate.

Al's supporter's car ... check out the plate.

Who would’ve thought our little old Sterling supervisor’s race would draw attention from folks halfway across the country?

Should be interesting!

The Loudoun Times and Washington Post are reporting the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of one of the people shot during an attempted home invasion robbery in Sterling Park on Thursday, February 10. Both news outlets picked up on the official Loudoun Alert description of the incident as a “botched” home invasion. Here is the text of the Alert:

Loudoun Co: The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of the man who was shot and killed during what is believed to have been a botched home invasion robbery on Thursday night.

Anthony Devoure Miles, a 28-year-old black male, was found at the scene suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to Inova Loudoun Hospital in Lansdowne, where he was pronounced dead. Miles lived with family in Manassas, though he had lived off and on in the Sterling area over the last few years. Investigators informed his family this afternoon.

The identity of the other injured party has not been released, pending notification of his family. The 32-year-old man is in stable condition at Inova Fairfax Hospital recovering from a gunshot wound.

Investigators are still trying to identify the person believed to have driver the surviving party to the hospital. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 703-777-1021.

Synopsis: Two guys broke into a house here in the neighborhood where people were at home. One of the residents had a gun and shot both of the intruders, one of whom died on the spot and one of whom made it out of the house and was driven to the hospital, where he likely will be charged in the crime. The Sheriff’s Office believes the intruders were familiar with the home and entered looking for something specific.

Because the invaders a) suffered gun shot wounds; b) apparently did not procure the item they had expected to get from the home; and c) are now in police custody, the incident certainly deserves the official value-laden designation as a “botched” home invasion.

If the invaders had gotten away cleanly with the baseball cards or alpaca knit sweaters or whatever it was they were seeking here, we can assume the official description would have been that a “completely successful” home invasion robbery had taken place in Sterling, for we all would have shouted “Huzzah!”. Had the instigators merely received flesh wounds but still made off with the booty, this undoubtedly would be termed a “thorny, yet satisfying” home invasion robbery which had taken place; and if there had been no gun shots involved but both guys had gotten caught, presumably the official release would have been about a “rib-tickler” home invasion robbery attempt. Home invasion means: getting in, taking care of business, and getting out without getting caught. What idiot does not understand this?

To all potential criminals let it be said that here in Sterling, if you are going to try and invade our homes you had better have your act together because we are not only armed and under the watchful eye of local law enforcement, but we also have a standard for success. And that bar is a high one.

I just received the very sad news that our good friend Ed Brocke passed away today at 2:20 pm.

Ed and Fran Brocke on September 23, 2010

It is hard to believe Ed is gone. In the photo is the last time I saw him, at the GOP “Pledge to America” event at Tart Lumber in Sterling on September 23, 2010.

Ed has been a friend of mine for over 5 years now; some of our readers have known him longer than that. Ed was one of the nicest people I’ve ever known and one of the most civic-minded. He was kind, intelligent, articulate and tireless.

Ed Brocke meant so much to the local community and also to me personally that he deserves much more than a late night blog post. There are many memories, and I will share more of them later.

My prayers go out to Ed, Frannie, Kathy and the entire family.