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Republican House members were in Sterling, Virginia this morning to formally announce the Pledge To America.

Click here for news coverage of the event.

A small crowd of local business owners and residents of Loudoun County was in front of the Tart hardware store to greet the GOP members and large contingent of media. Chanting “Speaker Boehner” and “We Love The Pledge,” they had the opportunity to spend some time with Congressmen Mike Pence, Frank Wolf, and House Minority Leader John Boehner. (The captions are not all working but the last photo in the bunch is House Minority Leader John Boehner, who crossed the street to talk with local residents).

Small business owners and Loudoun residents greet Republican members of congress in Sterling. Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (center) was one of several local elected officials in attendance.

Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana talks with the owner of the In and Out Market in Sterling

Congressman Frank Wolf came out to greet his constituents

Mike Pence talks with Leesburg Council Member Ken Reid, Sterling resident and state senate candidate Patricia Phillips, and Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio

This just came across from the invaluable Eugene Delgaudio newsletter:

National news media and national Republican leaders may come Thursday to Sterling.

I am sure they picked Sterling due to many of you who work hard for your quality of life –and America knows it.

ABC News is reporting that the national Republican Party will announce its upcoming agenda right here, in the hub of peaceful living:

ABC News has learned that the House Republican Leadership plans to unveil its legislative agenda Thursday morning in Sterling, Virginia. House GOP sources say members of GOP leadership, including Minority Leader John Boehner, will make the announcement after a small business roundtable at a local hardware store.

“[The agenda] will be the result of the months-long process we’ve been engaged in dubbed ‘America Speaking Out’ in which we asked Americans what their top priorities are,” a GOP leadership source tells ABC News. “What we heard from Americans are that their top priorities are jobs, spending, health care, national security, and changing how Congress works. This will be reflected in the agenda.”

Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m gonna say this has to be at the Home Depot in Cascades or the Lowes near the mall. Do we have any other hardware stores? If anyone learns of a place and time, please chime in. Yeehah, Sterling is on the map yet again.

The new Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office substation on Frederick Avenue in Sterling opened on April 30 and tonight was the grand opening ceremony. We caught about 25 minutes of the event; here are a few photos.

Discussion of the substation began years ago – here is our write up of one of the public hearings back in 2006. Many of the same people in those photos were present tonight.

It’s good to see an event demonstrate such broad and bipartisan agreement. There were great comments by all of the elected officials present. Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio thanked the current and past boards of supervisors and school boards for making it happen. Supervisor Stevens Miller reminded the audience that although the deputies all dress the same, they are individuals so it’s ok to wave when they drive by and tell them if you think they are doing a good job.

I was especially impressed with Captain Ricky Frye, the substation commander. He made the point that the station is not the building but the personnel who work there. He also noted the fact that it was completed in less than two years – I forget the name of the contractor though I am certain it will be included in the news reports in the coming days.

In addition to those in the photos I saw Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman in the audience among hundreds of attendees – including, I am guessing, some of our readers. I know Eugene Delgaudio spent a lot of man hours in Sterling publicizing the event; don’t know what other publicity there was, but it really worked.

Nice job, everyone involved in bringing the substation to fruition. I will link to other media coverage as it becomes available.

sterling sheriff's substation ceremony June 9

Hundreds of residents, Sheriff's Office personnel and public officials attended the grand opening ceremony on June 9

Sterling Substation Grand Opening

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio speaks during the Grand Opening Ceremony at the new Sterling Substation. Major Bob Buckman (seated at left) was master of ceremonies.

Captain Ricky Frye, Sterling Substation Commander

Captain Ricky Frye, Sterling Substation Commander

Sheriff's deputies at Sterling Substation Grand Opening

Deputies and other Sheriff's Office personnel at Grand Opening Ceremony

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by jacob
Monk, thanks for reminding me to sign my previous article. It was an oversight. I appreciate your pointing it out.

As for rattled, hardly. With Ken’s endorsement and the endorsements of hundreds of others, I see Mark running a strong race. Mark saw all the venom on the blogs directed toward him and Candace back in January. He also saw all the old wounds in the party getting opened up. In order to squelch all that he asked me not to post stuff about the campaign on this blog. The party does not need the venom. By the way, that is called leadership. Leadership is about knowing what is right, and not just giving in to ones baser instincts to hit back. This is what Ken did when a number of blogs were attacking him.

Notice the difference. When Greg Stone posted an article or two about Candace, I did not call it a steaming pile. Or denigrate anyone. When I saw Tags endorsement of Candace, I did not lament it. I also did not frame it as a poor choice on Tag’s part, nor try to dilute Candace with some statement about Greg Stone calling Tag on her behalf. You have.

Like I said yesterday, this party separates the men from the boys on SUNDAY. Where will you be? This is why I am asking you and others in the party if you will support the winner from Saturday, on Sunday. I will be there from day one. That is the adult thing to do. Candace has called for it, this is also leadership. You support her — so what gives? A simple yes or no will suffice. We need unity, the stakes are too high.

This is not about ripping each others guts people. The party does not agree on who is the best choice. The remedy for this is tomorrow’s election. The remedy is not demonizing and denigrating one another. The two campaigns have kept to the high road. That is called leadership.

Erica Garman spent the day wheeling around Sterling yesterday, read about it here.

In a singular demonstration of professional collegiality, Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio and the woman he defeated for that office in the November 2007 election, Jeanne West, were the key spokespersons in the WUSA Channel 9 news report aired tonight at 11:00 pm. Both went on record to denounce zoning violations that have persisted in Sterling.

Click here to watch the video on the WUSA site.

The backdrop for the story was this scene at the intersection of Johnson and Beech – which is right across the street from Jeanne’s house – where digging equipment and cable for the Verizon FIOS installation project have been illegally stored on a neighborhood street.

It was quite a surprise to see Eugene and Jeanne as the co-subjects of the news piece, but I think the profusion of zoning violations in Sterling has brought us to the point that everyone in the community needs to come together to seek a solution. Congrats, and THANK YOU, to the two of them for finding this common ground.

The news story did not touch on whether this was the same equipment that had been parked across the street from MY house several weeks ago. In fact, I am not sure if they even mentioned Verizon by name. But it’s a good start to bringing public awareness to this problem, which I definitely plan to continue pursuing.

The video is priceless and quite flattering to both of these esteemed public figures.