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For the first time in the history of our nation’s credit rating, we have been downgraded.

Update: Full S&P Statement here.

AA+ is not a battery or bra size, it is our new credit rating. Well done, Mr. President – it only took 30 months to undo 70 years of a sterling credit rating.

How about locally? Leesburg Today reported on Aug 1 that Loudoun, along with numerous other Virginia localities, was put on Moody’s Review List. Loudoun was first rated AAA by Moody’s in 2004. The Obama downgrade will not help us.

What is answer? How about a Super Committee, made up of tiring bureacrats that probably had a hand in every contributing factor? Or maybe we should just listen to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz because she says we’ve really started to turn things around – as evidenced by the glowing jobs report today.

The cherry on top of the cake this week is that Roseanne Barr has announced she is running for President. 

Folks, you can’t make this crap up.

Happy Birthday Mr. President, from Loudoun County and all across this great land.

The following just arrived from the Mark Davis For Sheriff campaign with the subject line “Integrity Matters”

March 18, 2011


If a Sheriff does not have integrity, nothing else he has or does matters much. Your sheriff must uphold the highest ethical standards. A large part of that is keeping your word when you have given it.

In 2007 Incumbent Sheriff Simpson faced a primary challenger. All candidates took an oath, and signed a statement, in which they pledged to support the Republican nominee.

As it was, Simpson lost the nomination at the 2007 Loudoun Republican Convention. He publicly conceded defeat and offered a motion of acclamation (affirming) his support for the nominee. Within hours he broke that pledge, and ran as an Independent.

I am a Republican because I am a conservative, and the home of conservatives is the Republican Party. The problems in our country are serious and getting worse. Government spending is out of control, resulting in unsustainable deficits. The problem isn’t just at the federal level, either, as several states are in trouble too. Government at all levels must learn to do more with less. We must manage our finances better at the federal, state and local levels.

As a Lieutenant in the sheriff’s department I saw poor management up close. There are problems with morale. The Adult Detention Center was built too small. There are too many unfilled positions, and those who have been recently hired are attending another academy and which and cost our taxpayers more money because we are not a participating agency of the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy.

I pledge to be a Sheriff who brings change to the department. I will uphold the highest standards of integrity, I will seek to do more with less, and I manage the department in a way that will make Loudoun citizens proud. For more information on me, or if you would like to help my campaign, click here.


Mark Davis

Republican Candidate for Sheriff

At this point in time, the only interesting local race already defined for the November, 2011 elections is the one for Loudoun County Sheriff. Sheriff Steve Simpson, an Independent, is likely to run for another term, there are four Republican candidates who will square off in a primary, and there may also be a Democratic candidate.

I decided to conduct a quick experiment to see what sort of information is available on the Web about the 2011 Loudoun County Sheriff race, on the assumption there could be some typical Loudoun County voters out there looking to get informed.

This will serve two purposes: Giving a snapshot of currently available information about the candidates, and also showing how each candidate is doing so far in terms of search engine optimization.

The methodology is non-scientific but, I think, representative of how people would search: I used the search term “loudoun county sheriff candidate” in both Bing and Google and recorded hits on the first six pages – only links that are relevant for 2011 and which provide direct access to relevant info. I recorded candidate Web sites, news coverage and blog coverage.

SUMMARY: So far, Verne Dickerson, Mark Davis and Ron Speakman are each doing pretty well, about equally well in the SEO department for their campaign sites. Mike Chapman has to improve his search engine ranking, although he does get some news mentions, and Steve Simpson is nowhere on the radar except for some negative press.

[UPDATE: Needless to say, Steve Simpson does not NEED to have an active campaign Web presence at this time nearly as much as the others because Sheriff Simpson will come up in the search results for anything having to do with "Loudoun County Sheriff" because of all the Sheriff's Office Web presence. Incumbency provides a big SEO advantage so you can start your Web campaign later.]

Here are the results in the order they came up as of February 24, 2011.

Bing search

Page 1

Loudoun Times: “Another candidate wants to wear the sheriff’s badge” (Verne Dickerson)

Loudoun Times: “Mark it down: Loudoun Sheriff’s race gets fifth candidate” (Mark Davis)

Page 2

Mark Davis campaign site

NOVA Common Sense: “Who’s in? Who’s out? Loudoun’s Sheriff Race Shapes up”

Too Conservative: “Mark Davis Joins The Loudoun GOP Sheriff Crowd”

Too Conservative: “Another Sheriff’s Race Post” (mentions Mike Chapman)

Verne Dickerson campaign site

Page 3

Verne Dickerson campaign Facebook page

Washington Post: “Loudoun sheriff donates controversial funds to charity” (Steve Simpson)

Page 4 “Convicted Felon’s Campaign Donations Raise Questions” (RE: Steve Simpson, with quotes from Mike Chapman and Ron Speakman)

Page 5

Page 6

Nothing else by page 6 – nobody’s going to search past page 6.

Google search

Page 1

Loudoun Times: “Another candidate wants to wear the sheriff’s badge” (Verne Dickerson)

Loudoun Times: “Sheriff’s candidate announces part of Step Up action plan” (Mike Chapman)

Ron Speakman campaign site

Mark Davis campaign site – “Republican” page

Page 2

NOVA Common Sense: “Who’s in? Who’s out? Loudoun’s Sheriff Race Shapes up”

Too Conservative: “Mark Davis Joins The Loudoun GOP Sheriff Crowd”

Verne Dickerson campaign Facebook page

Loudoun Times: “Candidate for sheriff announces intentions” (Ron Speakman)

Page 3

Mark Davis campaign site

Too Conservative: “Another Sheriff’s Race Post” (mentions Mike Chapman)

Page 4

Mark Davis campaign Facebook page “Convicted Felon’s Campaign Donations Raise Questions” (RE: Steve Simpson, with quotes from Mike Chapman and Ron Speakman)

Verne Dickerson campaign site

Mark Davis – “A Better Loudoun” page

Page 6 “Sheriff’s Race Opens With First Challenger; Speakman Presses Leadership Change”

Nothing else by page 6.

The new Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office substation on Frederick Avenue in Sterling opened on April 30 and tonight was the grand opening ceremony. We caught about 25 minutes of the event; here are a few photos.

Discussion of the substation began years ago – here is our write up of one of the public hearings back in 2006. Many of the same people in those photos were present tonight.

It’s good to see an event demonstrate such broad and bipartisan agreement. There were great comments by all of the elected officials present. Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio thanked the current and past boards of supervisors and school boards for making it happen. Supervisor Stevens Miller reminded the audience that although the deputies all dress the same, they are individuals so it’s ok to wave when they drive by and tell them if you think they are doing a good job.

I was especially impressed with Captain Ricky Frye, the substation commander. He made the point that the station is not the building but the personnel who work there. He also noted the fact that it was completed in less than two years – I forget the name of the contractor though I am certain it will be included in the news reports in the coming days.

In addition to those in the photos I saw Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman in the audience among hundreds of attendees – including, I am guessing, some of our readers. I know Eugene Delgaudio spent a lot of man hours in Sterling publicizing the event; don’t know what other publicity there was, but it really worked.

Nice job, everyone involved in bringing the substation to fruition. I will link to other media coverage as it becomes available.

sterling sheriff's substation ceremony June 9

Hundreds of residents, Sheriff's Office personnel and public officials attended the grand opening ceremony on June 9

Sterling Substation Grand Opening

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio speaks during the Grand Opening Ceremony at the new Sterling Substation. Major Bob Buckman (seated at left) was master of ceremonies.

Captain Ricky Frye, Sterling Substation Commander

Captain Ricky Frye, Sterling Substation Commander

Sheriff's deputies at Sterling Substation Grand Opening

Deputies and other Sheriff's Office personnel at Grand Opening Ceremony

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