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Since all of a sudden Steve Stockman has an incredibly vociferous group of anonymous supporters making noise on this blog and since they came out of nowhere to say such nasty things – following their leader, as it were, in being first out of the block with the negative campaigning – in all the excitement I almost forgot to honor them as they deserve.

This Steve Stockman campaign theme suggestion, therefore, will set a kinder, gentler tone. This one is for the trolls. It features Pam the Troll, also known as “Talky.”

Steve Stockman campaign ad, honoring his trolls

Just wrote a quick lunchtime comment reply to my friend Jack Ryan, and realized it belongs on the front page since it involves the campaign theme for Steve Stockman – and this is your one-stop repository for all things related to Steve Stockman’s potential campaign themes.

Summary: Steve Stockman has sat around doing nothing for 20 years. Now he wants the highest elected office in Loudoun County. Soon, he will even begin to work for it.

Jack, Steve Stockman has got to be the laziest candidate for any office and here he thinks he deserves to be Chairman? Not only has he done NOTHING in over 20 years to make a positive change in the county – no addresses to the Board, no letters to the editor, no grassroots or civic activity, nothing – but he has barely even campaigned. He has given NOT A SINGLE campaign “speech”. At the LCRC all it amounted to was making an announcement at the podium. The guy could not even be bothered to put together some coherent thoughts. He has been at public events for – what a little less than 3 months – since he announced, and lets his daughter do 95% of the talking (his daughter is wonderful, by the way, many have said she is the one who should be running for office). As a candidate, Steve is a joke.

I guess he is saving his campaign speeches until he gets the nomination, just to make sure it is worth the trouble to put one together.

If ever there was someone who thought they were going to cruise into office because of past accomplishments it is this clown. But even according to the lame GOP mantra, “It’s my turn” this guy fails because it is not even “his turn.”

Steve Stockman is a nobody who has done nothing to show he would even take the job seriously, but because some people put a bug in his ear that they would carry him into the Board room and deposit him in the Chairman’s seat he has decided to dip his toe in the water on the outside chance it might be worth his time.

I have personally done 1000% more than Steve Stockman during the past decade to try and help this county and I was only active for 18 months. Here’s some free advice, Jack: Tell Steve Stockman to spend 15 minutes at his desk and put together a speech for public delivery. Nothing fancy, just some thoughts that follow one another, preferably on a topic that shows he wants to make things better for the residents of Loudoun County. One friggin’ speech, ok?

Failing that, how about a letter to the editor? Oh, I forgot, I guess it is too late for either of those things, since Steve has been sitting on his ass for the past 20 years and since he announced for this office he has done exactly bupkiss for the past 10 weeks, but now in the 5 days before the filing deadline suddenly he has a bunch anonymous trolls shooting their mouths off on his behalf.

Here’s the next campaign theme I need a graphic for if anyone can help:

“I’m Steve Stockman, and although I am too lazy to give a speech, I do have a group of anonymous trolls on the Internet speaking very highly of me all of a sudden.”

UPDATE: We have just been informed by “Pam” – the anonymous troll who suddenly appeared out of nowhere to grace us with her unusual patterns of thought in her feverish attempts to help Steve Stockman – that Steve Stockman supposedly finally did give a speech last night, July 7 – which was only heard by anonymous trolls and hobgoblins, but by all accounts was a really terrific speech.

Yay for Steve Stockman; all the shadows in the graveyard cry “yay.”

UPDATE II: Click here for much more about last night’s event at which Steve Stockman finally spoke publicly. Read the comments. Quite a coming-out party situation for Steve! Like I said in the comments somewhere, Steve Stockman is all about the timing.

Here’s another contribution to the co-op effort to get Steve Stockman a new campaign theme for his run at the Republican nomination to the Board of Supervisors in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Steve Stockman campaign ad

When Steve Stockman last held public office, we did not have all the problems we have today. That is what Steve brings to the table.

Hi Everyone, this will be an ongoing effort to help Steve Stockman come up with a campaign theme and graphic identity, so if you watch this space you will see continuing submissions and reminders to help Steve Stockman get himself a campaign identity for his run at the Republican nomination to Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. (Steve Stockman is running for the GOP nomination to run for the Chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Loudoun County, Virginia).

As it turns out, Steve Stockman’s original theme – “I was a Republican before you were born; ironically, I represent the future” – did not get any traction.

Because Stockman’s supporters have shown such terrific attitudes here in support of their candidate, emphasizing those things that are really important to deciding the future of the county, and because Stockman himself gives all indications of being such a terrific fellow, I think it is worthwhile to make every effort possible to help Steve between now and July 23.

On July 23rd, Loudoun County Republicans will have a choice between Steve Stockman and Scott York as their nominee to run for Chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in November.

Obviously we want to have the best candidate possible to go up against the Democrat candidate in November.

To that end, here are a couple first shots at campaign themes for Steve Stockman. If you think of others, please submit them in the comments or include links to graphics posted elsewhere. Periodically, as a service to the Steve Stockman campaign, I will repost all the graphics and themes here.

Steve Stockman campaign ad

Steve Stockman campaign ad

Steve Stockman is back from the dead to take revenge

Sometimes, going through stacks of mail, you pause and laugh for a minute straight. Scott York’s first truly “comparative” political flyer was the occasion for me and, I am sure, many of you.

Steve Stockman, York’s challenger, began the “negative” campaigning with a letter in mid-June in which he accused York of being responsible for Loudoun County’s 40% tax rate increase since 1990 and of supporting Democratic candidates. The latter charge was certainly true, the former a bit of a stretch. Stockman also warned against York’s “liberal pals” who would be supporting York at the upcoming Republican convention.

As one of York’s liberal pals, I was hurt by being unmasked in this way. But the pain wore off when I saw this. Steve Stockman has not been in public office since 1991: Now how would one best illustrate the implications of this absence?

Scott York Campaign Flyer

Scott York poses Steve Stockman as Rip Van Winkle

One must say, first, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Then, we must note that not only do Scott York and his campaign personnel deserve congratulations, but Steve Stockman and Steve Stockman’s family must admit that this is one of the most effective political pieces ever created.

Scott York pledged to run a 100% positive campaign as long as the opposition did the same. Then, Steve Stockman did as he probably needed to do which was to go on the attack. The lesson? You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

Anyone who has talked to Steve Stockman about what he would do as supervisor will immediately recognize that Scott York’s flyer is a devastating, brilliant single-photo summation of the Republican nomination decision.

Apart from its humorous depiction of a basic fact, the Scott York flyer is effective because it states the unavoidable truth that Steve Stockman does not really have much to say about how to fix our county’s problems. Stockman has now mailed out at least four double-sided sheets of paper with a whole lot of words recalling the Reagan era – and exactly zero reasons to vote for him. Unless you believe Scott York is a liberal, and his many supporters (such as myself) are his “liberal pals,” the Stockman campaign literature might as well have come from Rip Van Winkle.

Eugene Delgaudio Gives Out Peppermint Patties In Honor Of Scott York

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) passes out York Peppermint Patties in honor of Scott York's (I-At Large) return to the Republican Party

Scott York, Chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, formerly a Republican and currently a political Independent, announced at the April 14, 2011 meeting of the Loudoun County Republican Committee that he will seek the Republican nomination to run for another term as Chairman in the November, 2011 elections. Loudoun County businessman Steve Stockman also announced his intention to run for the Chairman seat, setting up a primary or convention contest with York to determine who will represent the GOP on the ballot in November.

Video of Mr. York’s announcement is below. (Or click here).

The talk this weekend is there now may be two people considering running for the Republican nomination for Chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors: Mark Albright, who is largely unknown in the eastern portion of Loudoun County but has run for office before, and Steve Stockman, also not a household name but was – I’ve been told – a Loudoun County Supervisor many years ago.

And lest anyone think I am revealing any secrets: A new rule at NOVA TownHall is that once a piece of information comes out amidst the comments – as these names did about 8 hours ago – it shall no longer be considered a “secret.” Whether you think that post of mine was a leak or not, or if it helped or hurt Scott York, what is indisputable is once something is discussed by the commenters, that subject matter is now public domain. ‘Kay?

It is also worth noting that had the Stockman and Albright negotiators been intent on truly keeping everything on the down low until decisions were made, they probably should have left town. I don’t know if it’s because the folks in Loudoun are so ridiculously evolved that we see the universe itself grinding to a halt when the flow of information is impeded, or because we are all so daggone happy and simplified that, really, all there is left to do is chat about whatever pops into our pretty little heads, but I do think a “Loudoun Is For Blabbermouths” souvenir franchise might be worth looking into.

Anyway, Mark Albright has a recent, though unsuccessful, political history here, and some are saying he might decide to run while others are saying he is leaning against it. Steve Stockman has held actual elected office, though apparently he is not a member of the Loudoun County Republican Committee (sort of a minus), and he is rumored to be a close relative of former Reagan OMB Director David Stockman (sort of a plus).

Unless they happen to be sitting on huge piles of money, each man needs to decide pretty quickly whether he is willing to get to work to try and take down Scott York, and Stockman also needs to establish that he is in fact a Republican.

On the Democrat side, the matter is much simpler, for the only question seems to be the one LI is asking: Is this county big enough for Tom Bellanca?