The main reason for this post is to raise awareness of actual research on active shooters (those who commit mass murders) sited in this article in today’s WSJ.

Yes, and active shooter (someone that goes to an enclosed area and shoots at victims, some of whom are random targets) is a criminal. But there are differences between “normal” criminals that think differently than what we do–who think nothing of killing someone for some advantage or slight and the active shooter that is out to just kill as many people as they can (and possibly some “reason”, but the mass killing is not rational).

From the article:

They are predominantly weaklings and cowards who crumble easily as soon as an armed person shows up….
At the Clackamas Mall in Oregon last week, an active shooter murdered two people and then saw that a shopper, who had a handgun carry permit, had drawn a gun and was aiming at him. The murderer’s next shot was to kill himself.

If anything, to prevent active shooters from killing lots of people, the population of armed, concealed-carrying individuals needs to increase, not decrease. The article sites research, not just pontificates and conjectures. If you think we need more gun control, read the article first.