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Following in the great tradition of those genius Democrats who disparage the Tea Party supporters as fringe whackos, some liberals are trying their best to belittle the GOP “Pledge To America” roll out event in Sterling earlier today.

This report is from the media leviathan known as Newsweek. When I hear “Newsweek,” I herd the family into the storm cellar. Because my knees are shaking so badly.

This one is from Loudoun Supervisor Stevens Miller. Stevens Miller actually has a pretty good sense of humor, enough so that it is worth reading him. Knowing that his wit is delivered from a gilded throne welded to the deck of the Titanic makes the reading of it bittersweet, but credit the guy for his chutzpah. He’s just trying to make some lemonade in life.

Republican House members were in Sterling, Virginia this morning to formally announce the Pledge To America.

Click here for news coverage of the event.

A small crowd of local business owners and residents of Loudoun County was in front of the Tart hardware store to greet the GOP members and large contingent of media. Chanting “Speaker Boehner” and “We Love The Pledge,” they had the opportunity to spend some time with Congressmen Mike Pence, Frank Wolf, and House Minority Leader John Boehner. (The captions are not all working but the last photo in the bunch is House Minority Leader John Boehner, who crossed the street to talk with local residents).

Small business owners and Loudoun residents greet Republican members of congress in Sterling. Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (center) was one of several local elected officials in attendance.

Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana talks with the owner of the In and Out Market in Sterling

Congressman Frank Wolf came out to greet his constituents

Mike Pence talks with Leesburg Council Member Ken Reid, Sterling resident and state senate candidate Patricia Phillips, and Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio