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[ACTION ITEMS: Read Smitty and Stacy. Keep current with Chris Cassone. Read Matthew Vadum and Barbara Espinosa, And by all means attend the Tax Day Tea Party.]

In case you were concerned, let me assure you the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is alive and well, and in key.

Chris Cassone and Stacy McCain sing the blues at Smittypalooza

(left) The Other B.B. King and Blind Melon McCain highlighted the evening with their soulful stylings.

Friends, I am sorry if you were not at the Third Annual Smittypalooza in Washington DC, because it was one of the coolest events I’ve attended in some time – and right on the eve of tomorrow’s Tax Day Tea Party. Tomorrow is a big deal, and tonight was a great way to kick it off.

Stacy McCain at Smittypalooza

It was about service, it was about fedoras, it was about imminent revolution, it was about citizen journalism as well as paid journalism … but more than anything, it was about the music. Stacy McCain, my friends, would be one HELL of a front man if there was a tip jar angle. I am convinced of this.

Smitty was honored at Smittypalooza
To put the evening in perspective, for those of you who do not know: Chris Smith, aka Smitty (center), is Stacy McCain’s co-blogger at The Other McCain, which our regular readers know is one of my favorite blogs and should be one of yours, too. Every year or so Smitty hosts the Smittypalooza in DC. It draws some really interesting visitors and this was no exception.

Chris Cassone at Smittypalooza
Here, Chris Cassone plays his new song, City on the Hill. (Click below to listen)

I had been shooting the breeze with Chris for about ten minutes, not knowing him from Adam, when the discussion got around to the 9-12 Tea Party event in DC. After I told him I was there he said “That’s where I played my song.” I asked, “What song is that?” He said “Take Our Country Back.”

Whoa. As you can tell from my video, I thought that was the seminal moment of the 9-12 demonstration. So it was wonderful to meet Chris in person. I recommend everyone check out his Web site and stay apprised of what he is doing. Chris Cassone is a really nice guy and he is providing the sound track for a sea change in America’s political culture.

A couple other impressive people at Smittypalooza were Matthew Vadum and Barbara Espinosa.
Matthew Vadum and Barbara Espinosa at Smittypalooza

Matthew Vadum is one of the key journalists covering criminal leftist organizations such as ACORN. Read this and this to see why I believe he deserves some kind of medal of honor for his work.

Barbara Espinosa is an activist from Arizona who is now also a blogger. What an interesting lady! She is new to blogging, although with Stacy as her mentor she has a very good technical foundation to apply her knowledge and grassroots experience to the blogosphere.

Thank you, Smitty and friends, for a fantastic evening.

Yesterday’s videos and photos of walking around the 9-12 Project/ “Tea Party Express” demonstration in Washington DC give a decent sense of the size and composition of the crowd, and the general tenor of the afternoon.

(Press reports have the crowd up to 2 million people, although like all these DC marches it’s guesswork. In any case the size rivaled that of Barack Obama’s inauguration – which is fitting since this was like an inauguration, only in reverse.)

We had some discussion in yesterday’s thread about the message of the Tea Party demonstrators; after giving it some thought and reviewing the videos and photos, I think the overall theme was simply “it’s time to take our country back.”

With a sub theme of, “Barack Obama, you sure turned out to be somebody we do not want in the White House.”

See what you think.

UPDATE: Stacy McCain makes a good case for over a million people.


Here are some images from yesterday’s (September 12, 2009) 9-12 Project/ Tea Party Express demonstration in DC. Since I was not permitted to bring the chopper anywhere near the Capitol area the best I could get were ground shots, but this time lapse capture from a traffic camera gives a good sense of the size of the crowd.

More below the fold.

Grim Reaper as ObamaCare Czar

continue reading…


Here is a quick and dirty video overview of today’s Tea Party Express/9-12 Project demonstration in Washington DC (be patient, the video may not actually be available for a little while but we have to go out so I am posting the nascent links). It looked like well over a million people to me – if RFK Stadium holds 55,000, it looked like at least 20 RFK Stadiums full of people around the Capitol.

This was NOT a demonstration against “big government” as CNN just reported. It was a clear and pointed demonstration against Barack Obama and the Democrat Congress, particularly in relation to the Democrat health care reform proposals. But there were a lot of other target which I will hopefully get to illustrate in more videos later tonight.

Big winners today: Glenn Beck, Joe Wilson, and the US Constitution.

Big losers: Barack Obama, the Democrat Congress, ACORN.

Here is what it was like out there:

UPDATE: Here is some more walking around video from the 9-12 Project/Tea Party demonstration. The key takeaway from these two overviews is the demographics – this is a slice of America, folks, this is the “mob”: