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…and if polls are to be believed (and I don’t see why not) then Terry McAuliffe is going to be our governor for the next four years. Good news is that governors in this state are limited to one 4 year term. There is no need for doomsday rhetoric. We will survive.

One of the matters that has been bothering me over the past few months is the doomsday rhetoric that is increasing in conservative ranks. One of them is Ted Cruz, who said the following at the Values Summit last week:

“We’re nearing the edge of a cliff, and our window to turn things around, my friends, I don’t think it is long. I don’t think it is 10 years. We have a couple of years to turn the country around or we go off the cliff to oblivion.”

A couple of years??? I mean, I’m not here to deny that we have many problems (we certainly do) but two years until we go off the cliff?? Some of the professional conservatives, like Glenn Beck, are hawking doomsday products and encouraging people to buy gold (while he stocks up on greenbacks).

And even if there is a Cruz presidency, he still has to work with Congress to repair the damage – unless he is talking about taking some extra-constitutional emergency measures because we are going over the cliff. He seems to be trying to build a similar cult of personality around himself as that of Obama in 2008. (“Oh please save us Ted!“)

I DO believe that a day is coming when the federal gov’t will be forced to dramatically cut spending (all of it, including military) and as a result we will experience some convulsions (especially here in the DC area where the economy is highly dependent on the Leviathan across the river). As I have stated before, I think that will mean that regular folk will have to step up where the gov’t steps out. Churches and other civic organizations will have to go back to their traditional roles in such an event. It might mean that our homes will be worth less. It might mean a simpler lifestyle. It may mean that you and several neighbors have to move to find work. It might mean that Loudoun County will no longer have the highest median income. It will be painful, but I won’t go as far as to say that the entire system will collapse on itself. That type of rhetoric only scares people and makes them more unyielding in their sense of urgency.

Likewise, I don’t like Terry McAuliffe, I will not vote for him, and I hope he loses, but I also realize that he will be gone in 2017 and the system in place will hopefully mitigate whatever damage he does.

I think that it is time for a serious self-examination within conservative circles and not just on tactical grounds. We are supposed to have respect for perspective. I also wish that Republican politicians would level with their constituents and tell them just how dependent they are on government spending and tell them what they need to do to prepare for the cuts that they are calling for (and likely will happen at some point in the future). Instead, everyone seems to think that it is someone else that is getting all the money.

If you haven’t visited JTHmishmash blog before (blogroll on sidebar), I would suggest you drop by occasionally. The young man has great spirit, good insight and is trying to change the political landscape for young voters with an eyes open approach to the truth. I wish we had many more trying to serve us as he does. He’s given me permission to reproduce his letter here but I would suggest you stop by there and tell him how you feel. I’m sure he would appreciate your comments and insight.

” Mr. McAuliffe,

As a candidate for Governor, you’d probably want to talk to as many Virginians as possible before the election in November. That’s the impression I got from you when you said this back in April, at the opening of one of your campaign offices:

“If you’ve got someone to talk to me, I’ll go and talk to ya, no matter where that is”

I believe that statement is something every candidate should live by. It’s a pretty good idea, as a candidate for Governor, to give the people you’re hoping to represent a chance to meet and chat with you. After witnessing your actions, I’m beginning to get the impression that you don’t actually want to answer questions under the spotlight from average citizens in the Commonwealth.  You haven’t given us any opportunities and your campaign doesn’t even respond to my emails.  It seems to me that your actions are an opposite to your words.

Your opponent Ken Cuccinelli has been traveling all across our state trying to chat with as many people as possible. Mr. Cuccinelli has already held ten town hall events called “Community Chats with Ken”.  In fact, I just noticed the Cuccinelli campaign has added five more community chat dates to their event listing!  It’s pretty obvious that he’s making a continuous effort to get out and talk with average citizens instead of just wining and dining big money donors.

With a quick Google search I was able to find out about three separate fundraisers you’ve hosted with your wealthy connections from within Washington (and it looks like you have another one coming up soon with Hillary Clinton).  I spent even more time looking for events where citizens could have the opportunity to meet you and express their concerns, but came up empty-handed.

I guess the point here is, if you’re going to try to be our governor, you need to talk to the people first. Maybe you don’t want to answer my questions because I’m probably not going to vote for you, but at least talk to the rest of Virginia so they know what you’re about beyond the prepared statements and attack ads.

“If you’ve got someone to talk to me, I’ll go and talk to ya, no matter where that is”

Mr. McAuliffe, Virginia wants to talk with you, just give us a chance.

As I previously mentioned, I have a couple of questions for you, so if you read this, please let me know how I can ask them.  Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

God bless.


John Hill

A Voting Virginian “