I recently heard a rumor some folks in Loudoun County are intending to field a full slate of “Tea Party” candidates in the 2011 elections, to run as a third party.

I hope at least part of the rumor is wrong, and that whichever “Tea Party” group is doing this is planning to propose excellent candidates to challenge within the Republican Party, because Tea Party as third party is jackassery of the highest order.

Tea Party as third party is actually “D Party” – as in, being in the business of getting Democrats elected.

The only way a third party makes any sense is under the assumption the Democrat candidates will take less than 20% of the vote, leaving the Tea Party and Republican Party candidates to fight for the remaining 80% of the vote. In that scenario, yes, let the best candidate win. But in reality, it is much more likely the Democrat candidates will be able to garner at least 40% of the vote, which would make them victors. I think at this point it might be true that 40% of voters are now collecting checks from the government, either as employees or through entitlements.

We don’t need a third party in Loudoun County. The Democrats are the only ones who need that.