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Pam the troll, representing Steve Stockman

One of the things we can all thank Steve Stockman for is the gray mist of swill his anonymous supporters brought to this blog beginning just about a week ago. As some of you know I am planning to take a step back from this hallowed forum but because of the barrage of BS from Stockman’s people I will have to make an effort to stick around until just after July 23. It is absolutely amazing that Stockman’s Web presence should consist of this little cadre of typists unwilling to show their support using their real names. Quite a stand-up crew, this Stockman campaign.

Foremost certainly is Pam. With my 8 years or so managing medium-traffic blogs, I have learned some things about online personalities, and here are my guesses and thoughts regarding the Steve Stockman troll called Pam:

  • Pam is a semi-retarded toad obligated to wear a police tracking device, whose mental affliction erupts irregularly, such that her immediate family members are EXTREMELY jumpy whenever they must accompany her in public places. If not for the little bottles of magic in her medicine cabinet, Pam would be in prison.
  • Any cause or organization that Pam supports is worthy of scrutiny. This is not to say the demented sow does not stumble upon the occasional truffle, but any spot those trotters have been digging is a place where rational people should step carefully.
  • Any group that gives Pam a soapbox should be viewed with extreme skepticism. Her mind does not work in a remotely linear fashion, and therefore the more she talks the less sense she makes.
  • Because I believe – from what we have read here – that Pam is playing an active role in the Steve Stockman campaign, I think Steve Stockman is a dangerously misinformed jackass whose talking points regarding local issues are coming from people who won’t allow themselves to be identified in public. Steve Stockman had a number of options for quickly injecting himself back into public life in Loudoun County, and he chose badly.
  • I don’t believe Pam even lives in Loudoun County, but is a Maryland resident who comes here for psychiatric treatment. If such a living, breathing case of epistemological toxicity were to reside in Loudoun, surely we would all know about it by now. Maybe she met Steve Stockman at the CVS while picking up a prescription.
  • I would like to point out that all of the observations I have made here are, in my view, positive appraisals, and therefore everything I am saying about Pam is meant to edify and elevate her, and in the end to make people think more highly of her. That is why I am taking the time to write about her now.
  • Pam is a f–king crazy bitch. Harking back to the bullet point above, I would note that I make this statement, in my own mind, using a 1949 beatnik-era tone of voice, in which “Pam is a f–king crazy bitch” actually means she is a boss chick. So, again, this is a positive appraisal.

Special thanks to Steve Stockman for impacting the level and tone of debate on this blog in such a striking manner. One has to wonder, after 20 years of total public silence on every important issue facing Loudoun County, how someone suddenly makes themselves relevant again – and in a very short amount of time. Finding a bunch of anonymous people to sling mud on one’s behalf is one approach. It might work better, however, if those mud slingers are not total whackjobs.

And “whackjob,” I will have you know, in my mind is praise of the highest order.

Since all of a sudden Steve Stockman has an incredibly vociferous group of anonymous supporters making noise on this blog and since they came out of nowhere to say such nasty things – following their leader, as it were, in being first out of the block with the negative campaigning – in all the excitement I almost forgot to honor them as they deserve.

This Steve Stockman campaign theme suggestion, therefore, will set a kinder, gentler tone. This one is for the trolls. It features Pam the Troll, also known as “Talky.”

Steve Stockman campaign ad, honoring his trolls